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Got Pain?

Chronic pain, no matter the cause, makes you feel pretty vulnerable, angry, irritable...a whole array of emotions.  I would daresay it rarely makes you feel positive.

PRN has studied treatments for pain for over 15 years.  Pain studies require a relationship with your study doctor and nurse that allows us to explore new options without compromising your pain control.

A clinical trial setting good way to earn some extra spending money, learn so much about your condition and try new options for your condition.  Please click HERE to set up a phone screening appointment to see if you qualify.  

We look forward to working with you and helping you find better answers for your health and quality of life.

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Our Mission

The mission of PRN of Kansas is to provide a safe, clean environment for those who choose to participate in our clinical trials. We strive to acheive this through our dedication to professionalism, our care for our volunteers, and commitment to research for better medicine. 

We at PRN of Kansas also pride ourselves on collecting quality data for our sponsors in the most efficient and ethical way possible.


We have been busy this summer!  We have added new employees, new studies and new doctors! Stay tuned for updates to our bios.  In the mean time come visit us and get to know our new people!

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